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Bold, Underline in Weechat

Just like granny irssi used to bake

I recently found myself settling back into weechat after a period of irssi usage. The main feature I was missing was the automatic formatting of strings like *foo* and _bar_ to be bold and underlined respectively.

After some fruitless searching on the web and asking on IRC, I was told to install a plugin. Unhappy with the solution, I did more docs reading and adapted a snippet about triggers from the user's guide to conform more to my taste, coming from irssi:

/trigger add irssi_format modifier weechat_print "${tg_tag_nick}" "==(^|\s)(\*\S+\*\b)($|\s)==${re:1}${color:bold}${re:2}${color:-bold}${re:3}== ==(^|\s)(_\S+_)($|\s)==${re:1}${color:underline}${re:2}${color:-underline}${re:3}== ==(^|\s)(/\S+/)($|\s)==${re:1}${color:italic}${re:2}${color:-italic}${re:3}"