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Brew Day: Oatmeal Stout

Initially taken from Gladfield's recipes list, and adjusted for batch size among other things.


Grain Bill

Total bill 5.66 kg

Hops schedule


25 litres of strike water heated to 73 °C. Once the grain is added, I'm right to the brim of the kettle. Mashed at 68 °C for 60 minutes.

Mashed in

Mashed in

Mashing out

Mashed out, but still waiting on dunk sparge. I got about 3–4 litres of sweetish sparge water.

Mashed out. Still lacking dunk sparge wort

Spent grain. This is what has been taken out and sparged. Good for the garden, and a cup or two in a batch of muffins or biscuits.

Spent grain


Now that we've taken the grain out, we can ramp up to boil. Since I'm only running my kettle from a regular 10 amp socket, I'm limited to 2 kW, whereas the elements can handle 3 kW. Once I have access to a 15 amp circuit I should be able to ramp faster and boil harder.

Ramping up to boil

Ramping up to boil

Finally boiling after a 40 minute ramp. 90 minute boil on this one, so first 30 minutes are without hops. Equal 10 g Pacific Gem additions at 60 and 15 minutes before flamout.

Boiling softly

Boiling softly


I forgot to take photos of "flameout" (really just "unplug" for electric brewers). My normal flameout procedure is to have had an immersion chiller in at 15 mintes before the end of the boil. At flameout, I whirlpool and run the IC for 10–15 minutes before moving inside to dump into the fermenter.

You can see the foaming from letting the wort aerate by dribbling it out of the hose coming from the kettle. This foam is actually after I knocked it back some with a big spoon.

In the fermenter

Clarity looks about normal for the style.

Clarity is about on spec